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Beginning Tagalog Grammar Lessons

The following posts cover the material for the Beginning Tagalog Grammar Lessons. Beginning Tagalog 1 Grammar Lessons Beginning Tagalog 2 Grammar Lessons

Business Tagalog Lessons

This page provides business lessons for language learners interested in doing business or business related activities in the Philippines. Click on the appropriate buttons for links. General Travel Information to Philippines Business Vocabulary Lessons Useful Tagalog Phrases Business Cultural Notes

Beginning Tagalog 1 Lessons

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Below is a list of posts that cover the material for the Beginning Tagalog 1 Lessons. Everyday Greetings Naming Objects, Places, and People Identifying Persons and Occupations Asking about a Newcomer Describing Using Colors, Shapes, etc. Describing People, Objects, and Nature Intr

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Tagalog Topics

Being Polite in the Philippines

As in most Asian societies, being polite is valued in Filipino culture. In the context of making requests, one shows politeness, deference, and respect for others through the use of some words such

Paki: Making Requests in the Philippines

As in most Asian societies, being polite is valued in Filipino culture. In the context of making r

Philippine Culture: Traditional Holidays are National Holidays

The Tagalog language basically borrowed from Spanish the days of the week and months of the year, a

Gift Giving in the Philippines

In Filipino culture, one way of showing thoughtfulness to one’s family, friends, or co-workers is b

Filipino Culture: Friendly to Strangers

Filipinos are basically a friendly people, even to strangers. They are not xenophobic but are in f

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