Thai proverb21: Tip Ladle

เสน่ห์ปลายจวัก ผัวรักจนตาย    
Sa-ne plai chawak / Phua rak chon tai

Tip Ladle









The way to a man’s (an Englishman’s) heart is through his stomach.
(The charm at the tip of the ladle; Husband will love you till death.)

Thai proverb20: Kiss Her

Suai tae rup chup mai hom

Kiss Her









Beauty without grace is a violet without smell.
(If a woman has only a beautiful body; you won’t find that she smells sweet when you kiss her.)

Thai proverb17: Flute Drum

Ram mai di, thot pi thot klong

Flute Drum









A bad workman blames his tools.
(When you don’t dance well, you blame it on the flute and the drum.)

Thai proverb16: Fallen Man

ไม้ล้มข้ามได้ คนล้มอย่าข้าม    
Mai lom kham dai / Khon lom ya kham

Fallen Man









Don’t hit a man when he is down.
(You may step over a fallen tree; Don’t step over a fallen man.)

Thai proverb13: Save Quarter

Mi salung phung prachop hai khrop baht

Save Quarter









Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves.
(If you have a quarter, save until you make it up to a baht.)