Tagalog Negation: The Negator WALA

Beginning Tagalog 1 Grammar

The Negator WALA

WALA is generally used to negate existential and prepositional sentences. They imply the non-existence or absence of someone or something. This is done by using the negator WALA in place of the existential particle MAY/MAYROON or in place of the “preposition” NASA. In the case of the prepositional sentence, it more complex than this, but for our purpose, this should do  for now.


Walang tao sa bahay.There’s nobody home.
Walang pera si Josie.Josie has no money.
Walang klase ngayon.There is no class today.
Wala akong panahon para mag-aral.I don’t have time to study.


Wala sa klase si Noel kanina.Noel was not in class earlier today.
Wala sa kwarto ang libro mo.Your book is not in the room.
Wala sa akin ang susi.I don’t have the key (with me).
Wala rito si Lina.Lina is not here.