Tagalog Questions 1: ILAN (How Many)

Beginning Tagalog 1 Grammar


This is the Tagalog equivalent of the English interrogative pronoun how many. The answers to ILAN questions always include numbers or other words that express quantity (how much of something). Here are some examples:

Ilan ang kapatid mo?
Pito (ang kapatid ko).
How many siblings do you have?
(I have) seven (siblings).
Ilan ang estudyante ng Tagalog?
Labinlima (ang estudyante ng Tagalog).
How many Tagalog students are there?
(There are) fifteen (Tagalog students).
Ilan ang klase mo tuwing Lunes?
Tatlo (ang klase ko tuwing Lunes).
How many classes do you have on Mondays?
(I have) three (classes on Mondays).
Ilan ang dumating na bisita kagabi?
Marami (ang dumating na bisita kagabi).
How many guests came last night?
Many (guests came last night).
Ilan ang batang naglalaro sa labas?
Iilan lang (ang batang naglalaro sa labas).
How many kids are playing outside?
(There are) only a number (of kids playing outside).