Tagalog Sentences: Prepositional Location Sentences

Beginning Tagalog 1 Grammar

Prepositional (Location) Sentences

These are sentences with a prepositional phrase in the predicate position. It must be noted, however, that the term preposition as used here is not the same as preposition in English. In Tagalog, the main function of a preposition (usually sa or nasa) is to indicate location or direction. Some Tagalog grammar books refer to these words as location/direction markers. Here are a few examples:

Nasa bahay si Jose.Jose is at home.
Nasa opisina si Susan.Susan is at the office.
Nasa Amerika ang presidente.The president is in the US.
Nasa kotse ang tatay.Father is in the car.
Nasa mesa ang pagkain.The food is on the table.
Nasa dingding ang orasan.The clock is on the wall.
Nasa ilalim ng upuan ang aso.The dog is under the chair.
Nasa likod ni Jose ang TV.The television is behind Jose.
Sa bahay ni Pina ang salu-salo.The party is at Pina’s place.
Sa Batangas beach ang piknik.The picnic is at Batangas beach.