Tagalog Questions 2: Paano (How)

Beginning Tagalog 2 Grammar


This question asks for a response that gives an explanation of a process. It should not be confused with the use of the interrogative pronoun how in English in contexts like “How are you?”.

Pronouns (actor/doer) always come after the question word.

The following are some examples:

Paano gumawa ng parol?How do you make a christmas lantern?How does one make a christmas lantern?
How to make a christmas lantern?
Paano pumunta sa Baclaran mula sa Monumento?How do you get to Baclaran from Monumento?
How does one get to Baclaran from Monumento?
How to get to baclaran from Monumento
Paano ka nakapasok sa bahay kagabi?How did you get into the house last night?
Paano magluto ng adobo si Tinay?How does Tinay cook adobo?