Tagalog Days and Months

Beginning Tagalog Vocabulary

Days and months in Tagalog are essentially based on the Spanish language, except for LINGGO (Sunday), which is based on the Malay minggu.  The Tagalog term for “day” is ARAW (literal for “sun”)  and for “month” it is BUWAN (literal for “moon”)

Lunes    Monday
Martes   Tuesday
Miyerkules   Wednesday
Huwebes   Thursday
Biyernes   Friday
Sabado   Saturday
Linggo   Sunday
Enero   January
Pebrero   February
Marso   March
Abril   April
Mayo   May
Hunyo   June
Hulyo   July
Agosto   August
Setyembre   September
Oktobre   October
Nobyembre   November
Disyembre   December

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