Tagalog Everyday Greetings and Phrases

Beginning Tagalog Vocabulary

Everyday Greetings

Tagalog speakers in the Philippines have many ways of greeting other people. It is common also to hear them say “Hi” or “Hello” as a form of greeting, especially among close friends. There are no Tagalog translation for these English greetings because they are basically borrowed terms, and any English-speaking person will be readily understood by Filipinos in general (English is widely spoken in the Philippines, a former colony of the USA for nearly 50 years!). Below are a few Tagalog greetings that are important to learn if one wants to endear himself/herself to Filipinos. 

Magandang umaga po. (formal/polite)
Magandang umaga. (informal)
Good morning.
Magandang tanghali po.   (formal/polite)
Magandang tanghali. (informal)
Good noon.
Magandang hapon po.   (formal/polite)
Magandang hapon.   (informal)
Good afternoon.
Magandang gabi po. (formal/polite)
Magandang gabi.   (informal)
Good evening
Kumusta po kayo? (formal/polite)
Kumusta ka? (informal)
How are you?
Mabuti po naman.  (formal/polite)
Mabuti naman. (informal)
 I’m fine.
Tuloy po kayo.  (formal/polite)
Tuloy.  (informal)  
Please, come in.
Salamat po.  (formal/polite)
Salamat.    (informal)
Thank you.
Maraming salamat po.   (formal/polite)
Maraming salamat.  (informal)   
Thank you very much.
Wala pong anuman.   (formal/polite) 
Walang anuman.  (informal)
You are welcome.
Opo/oho. (formal/polite)
Oo (informal)
Hindi po/ho (formal/polite)
Hindi. (informal)
Hindi ko po/ho alam.  (formal/polite)
Hindi ko alam. (informal)
I don’t know.
Anong oras na po?  (formal/polite)
Anong oras na?  (informal)
What time is it?
Saan po kayo papunta?  (formal/polite)
Saan ka papunta?  (informal)
Where are you going?
Saan po kayo galing? (formal/polite)
Saan ka galing? (informal)
Where did you come from?
Ano po ang pangalan nila? (formal/polite)
Anong pangalan mo?  (informal)
What is your name?
Ako po si ________ (formal/polite)
Ako si _________ (informal)
I am ______ (name).
Ilang taon na po kayo? (formal/polite)
Ilang taon ka na? (informal)
How old are you?
Ako po ay _______ gulang na. (formal/polite)
Ako ay _______ gulang na.  (informal)
I am _______ years old.
Saan po kayo nakatira?  (formal/polite)
Saan ka nakatira?  (informal)
Where do you live?
Taga saan po sila?  (formal/polite)
Taga saan ka?  (informal)
Where are you from?
Kumain na po ba sila?  (formal/polite)
Kumain ka na ba?  (informal)

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