Tagalog Question Words

Beginning Tagalog Vocabulary

Below is a list of Tagalog question words with their corresponding meaning and examples in

Tagalog Question WordEnglish EquivalentExample
Ano?What?Ano ang pangalan mo?(What is your name?)
Alin?Which?Alin ang gusto mong kulay?
(Which color do you like?)
Sino?Who?Sino po kayo?/Sino ka?(Who are you?)
Saan?Where?Saan po kayo pupunta?(Where are you going?)
Bakit?Why?Bakit mo kami iniwan?
(Why did you leave us?)
Kailan?When?Kailan po kayo darating?(When are you coming?)
Paano?/Papaano?How?Paano ka nakarating dito?(How did you get here?)
Magkano?How much?
Magkano ang bili mo sa kotse? 
(How much did you payfor the car?)
(to look for something/ somebody)
Nasaan ang aking pitaka?(Where is my wallet?)

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