Public and Private in the Philippines: Are they the same space?

Business Cultural Notes
Lower Banaue Ifugao province
Lower Banaue, Ifugao province

Most Filipino homes are architecturally open. Traditional homes have open windows, wall with openings for air to flow through. Some homes are one big space with no dividers at all. Bathrooms and kitchens are often times located outdoors open to the public. In upper class homes, indoor kitchens are rarely used, the ‘dirty kitchen” (outdoor kitchens) becomes the place where cooking occur everyday. Guests are welcome to go in and out of the rooms in the house including bedrooms where they are invited to take nap or rest anytime during their visit. When visiting a house, hosts would always say “Please feel at home!” 

The house is not the only object that is “see through”, other personal belongings are also transparent including “Barong Tagalog – traditional clothing” lanterns, and bamboo chairs, etc. 

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