Burmese at Northern Illinois University

The Burmese language class is geared toward providing the natural surrounds of the language in multiple ways.

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For beginning students, this entails converting with native speakers, watching Burmese films, participating in classroom activities with fellow classmates and an annual award reception with various items from Burma as prizes. In addition to these activities, more structured components of learning include the use of John Okell’s Burmese text, supplemented by the Burmese Seasite, which provides ready access to self-guided studies, and exploration of topics on Burma. Using these different techniques, at the end of the first year, you are expected to have achieved the basic level of four essential skills in the Burmese language. As you advance, there are greater opportunities to specialize in your areas of interests, such as choosing readings pertinent to your interests, and to practice your language skills with individuals from the local Burmese community. To round off the experience, regular encounters with authentic Burmese food are provided in a variety of settings, complete with Burmese karaoke. NIU also offers a Beginning Burmese Distance Learning Course.

Faculty: Dr. Tharaphi Than