Tagalog Myths: Legend of the Married River

Philippine Folk Tales

Legend of Mag-asawang Tubig

In the olden days, there was a small town in which a few farmers’ families lived.  Among them was the couple known as Ba Imo and Ba Sinta. They were well liked and respected in that place, for although they were well off, they were humble and generous.

One day Bathala put them to the test. A beggar in tattered clothes came to their house and asked for lodgings. The couple very hospitably welcomed their guest and even joined him for a meal at their table. To the great amazement of the couple, although they had been eating for sometime, the food at the table did not decrease. Realizing that their guest was God, the couple knelt before him and prayed. The old man blessed them. In their prayer, the couple asked that they may die at the same time, so that neither of them would experience grief and loneliness which would surely happen if one of them died first.

God granted the wish of the couple. They died at the same time and were buried in adjoining graves. Not long afterwards, a brook sprang from their graves.  This later grew and grew until it became a river, which was named Mag-asawang Tubig in memory of the loving couple.

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