Tagalog Myths: The Origin of the Stars

Philippine Folk Tales

The Origin of the Stars

Hundreds of years ago, some people say there were no stars.  The sun was a mighty god, ruler of the day.  Buan, the moon, was a rival god of the sun and desired to rule both day and night.  Lihangin, god of the wind, was a friend of both the sun and the moon. 

One day he went to visit Araw, god of the sun, to warm himself. When they were sitting together, Araw told Lihangin that he had bad feelings toward Buan. He said that he noticed him showing during the day.  This meant that Baun desired to occupy a part of Araw’s kingdom.  Lihangin wanted them to be good friends.  He told Buan not to occupy any part of Araw’s kingdom.  He said that Araw was fair and just, so Buan must be, too.  The moon did not pay attention to his advice. He continued to shine during the latter part of the day and sometimes during the morning.  Araw could not bear it.  He told Buan not to do it any more. Buan insisted. They had a quarrel. Buan was badly hit.  Parts of his body were scattered around, and these became the stars, leaving the moon without its former light.  Such was the origin of the stars.

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