Indonesian at Northern Illinois University

Indonesian looks easy to start with — no special writing system, no tones, verbs don’t show tense, nouns and pronouns don’t show gender, number or case (meaning that “I”, “me” and “my” can all be expressed with one word, saya). Things start getting complicated pretty quickly, however, in terms of word order, politeness levels (you use saya if you’re being formal, aku if you’re close friends with someone), lots of different words for “you,” and assorted prefixes and suffixes that change nouns into verbs and vice versa.

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FLIN 103-104: Beginning Indonesian I and II
FLIN 203-204: Intermediate Indonesian I and II
FLIN 421: Introduction to Indonesian Language


Learning Indonesian in 7 days

Reading and Conversation


Vocabulary lessons of selected themes

Art and cultures from across Indonesia

Video Archive: Television Program