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Kamus Besar
The Main Dictionary
Indonesian – English
*** Get a copy for your computer ***

Database Foto-foto Asia Tenggara
Database of photographs of Southeast Asia
A searchable database of pictures from Indonesia and other countries of Southeast Asia

Bahasa Indonesia di NIU
Indonesian at NIU

Learning Indonesian at Northern Illinois University

Belajar Bahasa Indonesia dalam Tujuh Hari
Learning Indonesian in 7 Days
Simple steps to learn Indonesian in a short time

Indonesian Elections
Information on Indonesian Elections
2004 Indonesian Elections

2009 Indonesian Elections 

Berita Tanah Air
News on Indonesia
Links to Indonesian Media on the Net 

Islam in Indonesia
Information on Islam in Indonesia
Link to Islamic organizations in Indonesia


Reformasi !!!
Reformation in Indonesia
Dismantling the Old Regime and Reconstructing the New Indonesia

Gerbang Indonesia
Links to Internet Sites on Indonesia
in Indonesian and English

Peta-peta Indonesia
Indonesian maps
Indonesian maps you can click and zoom in on

Belajar Bahasa Pattani
An introduction to a dialect of Malay spoken in southern Thailand.

Melayu On-line


Learn Bahasa Indonesia from news, songs, documentary, etc.

Budaya Bangsa
Arts and Cultures from across Indonesia