Economic Prospects

Economic Prospects

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Comics By: A. Lipin, ( February, 20, 2002)

The growth of democracy in the country and the efforts to stamp out peace and order problems are indications that the country is open for business. The country’s readines for  E-commerce and the continuous participation into the labor force of skilled and/or highly-trainable Filipino workers are only two of the promising aspects of Philippine economy.

Read the three articles below and find out some views on:

bullet the challenges of managing the Philippine economy
bullet some indicators of the country’s economic strengths, and
bullet the country’s competitiveness when it comes to the so-called ‘knowledge economy’

Article No. 1
Economists say revised goals within reach
by Rommer Balaba

Article No. 2
The Positive Outlook on the Philippines
by Undersecretary Gregory L. Domingo, Dept. of Trade & Industry

Article No. 3
Measuring the New Economy 

by Michael Alan Hamlin

As one seeks to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Philippine economy, it is not surprising to come across diverging views: numbers readily paint an unprogressive picture; but it is easy to come across developments and observations that project  a resiliency in Philippine’s economy and its capacity to create opportunities for employment and growth.

A fourth article, Random Notes on the Philippines Economy discusses how foreign investment has steadily come back to the scene, as shown by the performance of the ecozones and how the country has become a leading attraction in terms of E-commerce and information technology.