Agawang Sulok

Agawang Sulok 
(Get a Corner)

Number of Players:  5, 7, or 9
Where to play:  outdoors or gymnasium

A rectangular playground is marked off on the ground or floor.  Diagram A is for five players, B for seven players,  and C for nine players.

agawang_sulok_01.jpg (3523 bytes)

        All the players but one (the tagger)  stay in the corner and on the bases.  The tagger stands in the middle of the ground.  The players in the corners will try to exchange places by dashing across from place to place.  The tagger must try to secure a corner or base by rushing to any when it is vacant.
In order to confuse the tagger,  the players on the bases may leave their bases and suddenly rush back to them, as if stealing a base.  Whenever the tagger secures a base, the odd player becomes the tagger for the next game.
This game is sometimes called “Vende, Vende Candela.”