Thai Tones Chart

Chart of Thai Tones

Smooth/Live Syllables
Checked/Dead Syllables
Classes/Written tone mark * Tone θ Tone 1/   ่ Tone 2/   ้ Short
High class
ข ฉ ฐ ถ ผ ฝ ศ ษ ส ห
Rising Low Falling Low Low
Mid class
ก จ ด ต ฎ ฏ บ ป อ
Mid Low Falling Low Low
Low class
ค ฆ ง ช ซ ฎ ฏ ฌ ญ
ฑ ฒ
ณ ท ธ น พ ฟ
ภ ม ย
ร ล ว ฬ ฮ
Mid Falling High

Chart showing the relationship between syllable types, written tones, and spoken tones

* There are 4 written tone marks altogether. The 3rd and 4th are rarely used and not included in the chart. The 3rd written tone mark is -๊ and always produces a high spoken tone. The 4th written tone mark is -๋ and always produces a rising spoken tone. The five spoken tones, in traditional order of recitation and dictionary convention are Mid, Low, Falling, High, Rising.

Written by: Prof. John Hartmann

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