Thai Tones

Tones (วรรณยุกต์)

The Thai language has five tones (sounds): mid, low, falling, high, and rising. But there are only four written tones marks as shown here.

Whether the word will pronounced with the same tone as the written tone mark or not depends on the consonant‘s word class. See the Tone Chart.

Click on any word in the table below to listen to the sound.

Consonants’ class mid tone low tone falling tone high tone rising tone
Mid/long vowels กา ก่า ก้า ก๊า ก๋า
Mid/short vowels จะ จ้ะ จ๊ะ
High/long vowels ข่า ข้า ขา
High/short vowels สะ
Low/long vowels คา ค่า ค้า
Low/short vowels ค่ะ คะ

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